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Asparagus or garden asparagus, popularly called sparrow grass, is a perennial species of flowering plant. Young shoots are used as a spring vegetable.

Asparagus grows best in nutrient-rich, sandy, loose soils. It grows in wet, sandy and clayey, strong soils and forested areas. Their stems are upright, green smooth-faced and widely branched. The branches are divided into twigs, thin, green colored, 3-6 of them together. The leaves are small and membranous. Flowers singly or in pairs are located in the axils of the leaves. Male flowers are 6 pieces. Its fruits are red or black in color. Asparagus is produced from seed or claw. It is planted in the spring. The period from seed sowing to first harvest is four years. 20 years yield can be obtained from an asparagus field.